This has been on my mind for some time due to all the headlines being made by people like Bruce Jenner, who has decided he wants to be a woman rather than a man. When this “transgender movement” first began I didn’t give it much thought. Like most people, I thought to myself, “This is the latest mental illness that has taken over men….with a few women sprinkled in the mix.” That was until I thought about the consequences of men appropriating womanhood.

For the record, I do believe transgender people are mentally ill. I believe transgender people suffer from self-hate. Anytime you have someone who will go to such extremes to drastically alter the stuff they are born with (i.e., dick, tits, pussy, facial features, etc) it must be self-hate. Changing your gender is some shit right up there with Michael Jackson’s issues with his physical appearance in my opinion.

I do not believe boys are born in girls bodies or vice versa. I believe this is some crap white people came up with to explain why their children are mentally fucked up! They are the only people I have ever heard say this nonsense. Yes, I’ve run across black boys who are effeminate and black girls who are masculine. However, I have never heard a black parent say, “My child was born in the body of the opposite sex.” Let’s be real…black people don’t believe in this nonsense. People of color don’t believe in this nonsense.

Some people will read this blog and say, “How can you say this? Straight people think the same thing about you and other homosexuals. They think you are mentally ill as well.”

To those people I will say I don’t give a damn what straight people think. From what I can tell, it is straight people who started this, “Boys are born in girls’ bodies/girls are born in boys’ bodies” ridiculousness. It was straight people who started this current transgender push. It is mostly straight men who now want to be women. It is straight men who have decided to appropriate womanhood. It is rare that I see or hear about a gay man or lesbian woman having a sex change. More often than not the people having sex changes today are men, who like women, and somewhere along the way they decided to become an artificial woman.

Again, when the transgender movement first started I ignored it because I didn’t think it had anything to do with me. I know better now. Let me explain my issues, and for the sake of this blog I want to make it clear that my issues are almost completely with transgender men to women…not women to men (this is largely because we rarely see it and because women to men don’t pose a threat to me)…

Issue Number One: Transgender Women (Men to Women) somehow or the other expect lesbians to date them and find them attractive now that they are women. Most straight women are not attracted women…least of all men who became women. Therefore, the only women left for these individuals are lesbians (let them tell it). I’m crying foul because I (like most people) still see these people as MEN.

No matter how much they try they still have many glaring characteristics shared by men (i.e., height, weight, large features like hands, arms, and strong jawlines). Transgender women seem to think gender and womanhood can be gained solely by changing their physical appearance when anyone paying attention to the differences between men and women know this false!

There are characteristics that women have that cannot be bought such as a womb, curves, a voice free of bass (yeah…I know there are exceptions to the rule, but still…) I love the softest of a woman. I like the passive quiet strength of a woman. A man, even one that alters his physical appearance, will never fit the bill for me (hence why I’m a lesbian).

Issue Number Two: There is now a push by transgender men and their advocates to eliminate the many social protections afforded to women in a society that sees women as second class citizens (example: segregated restrooms for men and women). Now that men have decided they want to be women they now want to tear down the walls built to protect women and girls from things such as rape, molestation, and abuse that is perpetuated by men!

They want unisex or non-gendered bathrooms, locker rooms, prisons, etc. This hurts women because it puts us in unsafe environments with MEN, who despite a sex change are NATURALLY bigger and stronger. The men who have not had their dicks cut off or split still have the ability to rape. Would you want to share a bathroom or locker room with someone who can overpower you with his physical strength?

Issue Number Three: Transgender (Men to Women) want to be women and appropriate womanhood, but the reality is they have not lived the existence of a woman. According to Caitlyn Jenner (read Bruce Jenner) “the hardest part of being a woman is figuring out what to wear.”

No, this idiot didn’t say the hardest part of being a woman is protecting yourself from rape, swallowing your pain when you realize a man doing the same job as you is getting paid more,  or realizing you’ll have a harder time running for president or any public office compared to man.

None of the above is important.

The only thing that matters to us women is what we are going to put on in the morning. If you are a woman, and this doesn’t bother you, something is seriously wrong.

Rich, white, well-to-do, Catilyn Jenner will never know what it’s like to be raped, beat, or overlooked for jobs/promotions. He/she has led a privileged life as a white male, celebrated athlete, television personality, and now a middle aged pinup girl with fake sagging tits and a face that only a mother can love.

Even still he/she feels free to speak on being a woman when he hasn’t actually lived as a woman. He/she feels clothes, make up, and heels are the extinct of womanhood. The media in this country has embraced his bastardized narrative of womanhood as something progressive when in reality his appropriation of womanhood depreciates women, makes light of our issues, and hurts us.

Catilyn Jenner and company want to be women, they want to be accepted as women, but they fail to grasp the real struggle and oppression of women.

I don’t know what to make of the uptick in men who want to be women. Men in general don’t come across as “manly” anymore. More often than not too many come across as effeminate, whiny, and suffering from the Peter Pan Syndrome.

Maybe this is the fallout of decades of conditioning.

I don’t know.

I don’t like it.