Over the last couple of weeks there has been a great deal of talk about Cam Newton and white people’s reaction to his on the field antics. For those of you who don’t know, Cam Newton likes to celebrate touchdowns by “dabbing” and dancing (see the picture above).

Apparently this upsets some people.

We have all these “newblack” kneegrows going around saying, “White folks don’t hate Cam Newton because of his race. Instead, they don’t understand his culture.” These “newblack” kneegrows are tiptoeing around the elephant in the room in order to avoid conflict with the whites who sign their checks…

I’m listening to this nonsense thinking to myself, “Please cut the bullshit.”

White people, old and young alike, aren’t hating on Cam Newton because they don’t understand his “culture” (which is another code word for “race”). They are hating on him because he is unapologetically arrogant, black, rich, successful and his presence as a successful black quarterback is a personal affront to them.

For decades white people have told themselves that black people are incapable of playing the quarterback position. They said black men don’t have the intelligence to learn/memorize plays. They said black men can’t lead teams. They said black men can’t direct teams and execute plays. They said black men are good at running and catching the ball, but they suck at throwing the ball. Well, Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Steve McNair, and others have shot this racist ideology to hell.

Not only can black quarterbacks play the game, but they tend to be more powerful and entertaining to watch than their white counterparts. When you compare black quarterbacks to the Peyton Mannings of the NFL it’s like watching two different games. White quarterbacks tend to be stiff. They rarely, if ever, run the ball. Whereas Cam and company can throw and run the ball…

Cam Newton is good and he knows it. This bothers whites, who would 1). rather see a white man in his position and 2). if not a white man, would rather see a passive aggressive humble non-threatening black man like Russell Wilson in Cam’s position.

The same crap that whites are spewing about Cam Newton they spew about Serena Williams…except with Serena their racism has an element of sexism.

Anytime there is a black athlete that dominates sports…specifically a sport that whites love…there will be cries from whites. They fear black arrogance. They fear black dominance. It makes them feel inferior and inadequate.