I went back and forth about whether or not I should write this post because it’s not my story to tell. However, it does involve the molestation of my older brother, and as a result it has had an emotional impact on me. Therefore, I’m writing about it.

My older brother was molested.

I recently learned about his molestation from my mother. The conversation came up randomly when I was talking to my mother about one of her first cousins, who I haven’t seen in a while. I mentioned this cousin because my grandmother (my mother’s mother) is close to this woman, and I strongly suspect she is milking my grandmother for money.

For the sake of this blog we will call this cousin, Vitiligo (because she has this condition). Upon mentioning this woman’s name my mama turned stone cold and said, “I don’t want to talk about that bitch. If I ever see her again I’m going to beat her ass.”

Me: Huh? What did she do?

Mama: (Pause) *Insert older brother’s name* told me some things.

Me: What did he tell you? Was she raping him or something?

Mama: (A long cold stare).

My stomach dropped.

Mama: *Insert older brother’s name* told me she used to touch him when he was a child. She use to fondle his genitals.

Me: *Face Palm* Jesus…

Mama proceeded to ask me if anyone touched me while growing up. I told her no, which is the truth. I have never been molested, raped, etc.

According to my mama, Vitiligo, who couldn’t be anymore than seven years older than my brother (my brother is 33 now) used to touch him when her mother, my mother’s aunt, would babysit my brother. My mama had my oldest brother when she was 16 years old. She pretty much had to depend on relatives to watch my brother while she attended high school. Apparently, Vitiligo took full advantage of the situation and molested my brother.

My brother didn’t bother to tell my mama about the molestation until two weeks ago.

Because Vitiligo was a child at the time, I asked my mama if it is possible that someone was doing to her what she was doing to my brother?

Mama pretty much said she didn’t know, and reinforced the reality that she planned to beat Vitiligo’s ass the next time she saw her.

I remembered something my daddy told me my freshman year of college. During the week of orientation Vitiligo volunteered to show me, my mama, and my daddy around Atlanta. She was living here at the time. My daddy declined the offer. I asked him why and he said, “After the lie she told on me….”

Me: Huh?

Dad: Right after you were born she went around telling your mama and her family that I was touching her.

My mouth dropped.

Dad: Yeah, your mama caught her in a lie. After that she decided to tell the truth!

So apparently Vitiligo lied on my pops and said he was touching her back in 1985. This all leads me to believe somebody was touching and raping Vitiligo.

I’ll probably never know…