I’m setting a relationship goal for myself. I’m giving myself 365 days to achieve this goal starting tomorrow.

My goal is to meet the woman who will be my wife.

To achieve my goal I plan to drop the passive aggressive approach I have when it comes to meeting women.

I’ve always been a laid back smooth operate. If I’m interested in a woman I’m not afraid to tell a woman. However, I don’t actively pursue women. This will change. From this day forward if I see a woman I like I’m going to approach.

My ideal woman…

  1. Black
  2. Childless
  3. Between the ages of 28-32
  4. Educated and/or stable (bringing in her own legal money).
  5. Physically attractive
  6. Natural hair (this is not a must…but I love a natural woman)
  7. Cultured
  8. Anti-hoodrat/ghetto
  9. Domesticated
  10. Feminine

I’m going to pray that I can meet a black woman who at least has 80% of the things on this list. I live in Atlanta (ratchet city 101). I’m not holding my breath. However, I’m going to think positive.