Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. For some people it’s a day to celebrate the person you love. Ideally, this should be done everyday, but Valentine’s Day is the special day set aside for lovers and secret admirers. For those of us who find ourselves single it’s quite possibly the most depressing day of the year because we’re reminded of our relationship status.

I’m single and I hate it. I prefer to be in a relationship. However, I’ve decided not to dwell on my single status. Instead, I did something to at least make my Valentine’s Day interesting. I sent each of my recent exes this boutique of roses…

Sapphire’s boutique was delivered to Canada where she is currently located.

Yellow Bone’s boutique of roses was delivered to her apartment.

Chocolate (never my girl, but still…) was delivered to her apartment.

Each received a card that said the same thing…

Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful. You’ll always have a place in my heart.

Sapphire’s response via text message:

Thank you for the roses. They are lovely. I miss you.

Yellow Bone’s response…also via text message:

Thank you for the roses, but why?

Chocolate hasn’t responded at all.

To be clear, I haven’t spoken to some of these women in months. I don’t know if they are dating someone. I can’t tell you anything about 2/3 of them in terms of their personal lives. The only thing I can tell you is each of them made a lasting impact on me, and I find myself thinking about them sometimes.

Maybe I’m just lonely.

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day…