This is something I’ve been thinking about.

I have a friend who is a gold star lesbian just like me. She is thirty-two years old. She is single and looking. She wants to have kids/family, but she wants to have these things with a partner…not as a single parent. The clock is ticking for my friend, and I think her desire to start a family is weighing on her.

This lesbian is a true blue lesbian. She has never been with a man. She has never thought about being with a man. She is not attracted to men. However, again, her desire to start a family is weighing on her.

Yesterday she told me she is thinking about hooking up with a man who has been pursing her. When I asked her why she said because she wants a family but she doesn’t want to be a single parent.

She told me the dude is 29 years old, and he doesn’t have any kids of his own. Just like her, he wants kids, but he has no desire to have them out of wedlock (she told me he doesn’t want to be in a position where he is paying child support).

When I questioned her about possibly marrying this man she said, “I’m open to it for the sake of the kids…”

I’m not quite sure how I feel about lesbians like this woman. On one hand I sympathize with her because I want a family with a partner too. On the other hand her ability to simply “live a straight existence” for the sake of kids/family is kinda of off-putting.

She is not bisexual. She is out and her family knows she is gay. So, I can’t throw her in the bisexual box. However, does her wiliness to start a life with a man make her “straight”?

I’m confused!