I have a new lady in my life…

I met her on Saturday while at the beauty shop. She and I share the same loctician.

I was sitting in the chair getting my hair retwisted when she walked through the door. She caught my eye immediately because I remember seeing her once before and thinking she is pretty.

She is in her mid-thirties. No kids. Caramel-skinned. She is five foot three inches tall. She rocks her locs in honey blond curls. For the purpose of this blog and all future blogs her name will be Goldilocks.

Goldilocks ended up under the dryer next to the one I was sitting under. I took the opportunity to start a conversation with her. The conversation resulted in her giving me her number. Needless to say, I texted her right after leaving the salon and we’ve been kicking it ever since.

Our first date is Friday. I’m nervous as hell. I really like this woman and I want to impress her. I booked a reservation at a nice restaurant here in Atlanta. I figure we can eat a nice meal, talk, get to know each other, and go from there. If by chance this date ends at my apartment (no sex…just something to do after dinner) I bought a bottle of red wine.

Wish me luck!