I’ve been reading a lot of books that promote the idea of mind over matter. The more I read the more I believe. Let me explain…

There are some who believe our thoughts have the ability to change our lives. They believe our thoughts dictate our future, our money, and everything in between. I have come to believe this too.

I believe that desire along with definite purpose can change my life. It basically comes down to the law of attraction, which says positive/negative thoughts can bring about positive/negative experiences in life.

For the most part, the things I have desired…I mean really and truly desired with all my heart…have been mine (i.e., money, career, financial security).

They things I have been lukewarm about (i.e., love/romance) have been complete failures.

Everything I have focused on to the point of obsession has gone my way. The things I have put my mind and energy into are mine. The things I have passively explored or set out to gain have been passively available to me in my life (i.e., women, love, romance).

I believe if I put more of my time and energy into my desires I will see those desires made a reality. This goes for women and business.