I am so damn happy right now. Words can’t begin to explain how I feel right now. Let me explain…

Back in October when my truck was stolen, the thief stole one of my most prized possessions: My MP3 Player.

My MP3 Player had a lot of R&B mixtapes on it. I mean it was filled with years of mixtapes that I’ve accumulated over time. One such mixtape is the one above.

The mixtape above was one of my favorite mixtapes. I tell you I was just as hurt and depressed about losing this mixtape as I was about losing my truck. I’ve been searching all over the internet for this mixtape for MONTHS.

I couldn’t remember where I downloaded it.

Tonight I ran across it while browsing mixcrate for mixtapes to go on my new iphone. I damn near cried when I found it (no joke).

I can’t even describe the joy I feel right now.

Edit: I found another one!!!…