I have a new focus in life. I’ve decided to focus my attention on something I can control. I’ve decided to focus my attention on becoming a homeowner.

I’ve talked about this off and on in the past, but now as a thirty-plus year old woman I’m ready to make some moves. Here is the plan…

I want to buy a $250,000-$400,000 house.

I want to put down a 20% down payment. So, if I end up with a $400,000 house I’m looking at $80,000.

I want 4-6 bedrooms with 3 plus bathrooms.

I want a guest room and a few extra rooms for a study/library, game room, etc.

I don’t want to buy a home near or around Atlanta. In fact, I’m not sure I want to buy a home in Georgia at all.


Too much traffic. Too much crime. Too much bullshit. At this point I’m craving a smaller town with the perks of a city (i.e., jobs, a thriving economy, nice schools, and great shopping centers).

I have the opportunity to relocate to Dallas, and after looking at this woman’s video, which I ran across randomly ¬†while browsing Youtube it might not be a bad idea…

Side note: Where the hell are the fine ass on point black women like this in Atlanta? This woman has her shit together. She looks good. She doesn’t have any kids running around. She sounds smart and educated. Her titties aren’t sitting on her stomach. She actually has something going for herself. Shit! Where are these black women here in Atlanta??? I’ll take her and the house!

I wonder if I can get a house like this in Dallas for half of what I would expect to pay in Atlanta. It’s worth investigating.

I expect to have a family one day. I’m now asking myself if my expectation will translate into reality and if not should I seriously be buying such a huge house just for myself?

All of these things are worth thinking about. My goal is to purchase a home by 2020, which would put me at 35 years old.