It’s 4:27 in the morning and I can’t sleep.

I haven’t been able to sleep in weeks. For some reason I have issues breathing at night. I don’t know if it’s the humidity, my asthma, or what. I cough and sneeze a lot, but I don’t think I have a cold. I find myself reaching for my inhaler a lot these days.

The only time I’m able to relax in my bed is when I’m laying upright, but you can image how hard it is to sleep in this position. I should probably get my ass to a doctor ASAP.

Anyway, since I can’t sleep I decided to get up and weigh in on a topic that’s been on my brain…

The police and black people are at war in the United States. It’s been that way for decades, but it seems like things have heated up considerably since President Obama took office.

From where I’m standing whites, especially those with money and power, aren’t even trying to hide their racism anymore. This group probably feels like they are losing the choke-hold they’ve had on this country since arriving on these shores. They have decided to take the politically correct gloves off. They are talking shit, not giving a fuck, and using their position to stir the racial tensions in this country.

And guess what?

As of right now, black people in this country can’t do shit about it.


The same reason why burning down buildings, marching, protesting, and screaming at political rallies doesn’t work.

We, black people collectively, don’t practice group economics. 

The bold is the cold hard truth. Economically, Black Americans are a weak and powerless group and it’s largely because we don’t practice group economics. It’s not because we don’t collectively have money. Our spending power is in the trillions. The problem is we continue to spend our money on bullshit with people/companies that don’t respect us and view us as savages.

The reason why our voices are not heard by politicians is because we don’t have the group economic power to form/fiance super PACs, create campaigns to remove them from office, and fund campaigns to put them in office.

The reason why the police keep killing us is because they can. Again, because we don’t have the group economic power to stop them.

The reason why this nonsense will continue to happen is because we don’t operate the same way that other races/ethnic groups operate in this country (i.e., what’s mine is mine….and will stay with mine).

Think about it. When have you ever seen a Jew or an Asian pinned to the ground and repeatedly shot in the chest by the police? Where do you see Jewish and Asian women turning up dead while in jail?

Cops, politicians, wealthy racist whites all know who NOT to fuck with. If these folks even speak something that can be viewed as anti-Semitic life will be hell for them. Because of the influence and the power that Jews hold in this country these people could easily find themselves blackball from politics and industry.

Think about that for a second.

Jews are a very small minority in this country. Asians are a very small minority in this country. Yet, they command MORE respect than black people in this country.

Yes, a big part of this is race, racism, and racial bias. However, I truly believe their group economic position provides a powerful protective shield against the bullshit black people face.

Who is to blame?

In my honest opinion black men.

In every other group the men play the most crucial role of providing, protecting, and carrying the race. The men build businesses. They encourage educational advancement. They encourage other members of their group to patronize the businesses of their group while also discouraging patronizing businesses owned by non-members of their group.  They encourage group economics. They go to war with folks who try to exploit their people. They look after the welfare of the women and the children.

All of the above is MISSING in black men.

Instead of getting men who fit the above, we have people like Michael Jordan who doesn’t give two shits about black people let alone group economics. It doesn’t matter that black people put his shoes on the map.

Michael Jordan cares about Michael Jordan. Where race is concerned he is apathetic. His motto is, “I got mine…now you get yours.” He is more concerned with being “colorless” to white America than standing proud with Black America.

And we see this story over and over again. We saw it with OJ. We see it with any number of black male entertainers. We see it with any number of black businessmen.

Black men think with their dicks. They get rich. They get a white woman/non-black woman. The money is soon departed via divorce, alimony, and child support. The former rich black man hits rock bottom. The money finds its way back to whites. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

The reason why black men will never rise in America is because they are looking to appease, and emulate white men. They are not looking to build, grow, and escape white supremacy (and I believe black women are very aware of this reality. Black men don’t want to escape white patriarchy. They either want to find a place in it or replace/emulate it with themselves on top…while black women are more likely to fight against it wholesale).  If anything many of them wish they were white. They envy white men and lust for the power they hold. Many of them are white supremacist themselves. Don’t believe me? Check social media. Many of the SAME anti-black attitudes shared by racist whites are also shared by black men…


I have said it once and I will say it again. The black community would be in a much better position if black women were the millionaire athletes, entertainers, and businesswomen. The black community would greater benefit from rich/wealthy black women than it ever will from rich/wealthy black men. There is no doubt in my mind.