I am going to sit down and write my memoir. I know I’ve said it before, but this time I really mean it. The world needs a voice like mine.

I would have loved to read a coming of age story about a real life black lesbian when I was a kid. Unfortunately, no such story existed as far as I know. Every lesbian story I read (whether fiction or nonfiction) was by a white woman about white women.

I am largely inspired to write my story because of all the emails and messages I receive from young black lesbians around the world. There are so many black lesbians who are confused, alone, and depressed.¬†Believe me…I understand. I have been there.

Much of my story has been told on this blog, but still, I think I have more to add.

The thing that separates a memoir from an autobiography is this: an autobiography is a chronological story of one’s life while a memoir is a set of memories usually from a specific period of time.

I have decided my memoir will cover ages 5-25. Much of the book will be spent on my childhood, teen years, and coming to terms with my sexual orientation. This book will probably be therapeutic as I have some rather personal demons that I have never shared on this blog.

My memoir will differ from this blog in that it will be a more detailed description of my life. It will have the same realness as this blog. I don’t plan to filter my thoughts about various situations.

It will be goofy at times. It will be entertaining, and depressing. Point blank, it will be my life.

Stay tuned.