I’m writing this blog because I’m tired of getting Facebook messages and emails that read, “I’m lonely…can you help me meet a woman?” or “I’m from Kenya and I’m going to college in California. Can you introduce me to someone?”

Listen I can’t help you chicks get a fucking date. What the hell I look like? Cupid? It’s pretty damn embarrassing that some of you even feel comfortable asking me, a complete stranger, for this type of help.

You need to get off your ass and put in some work if you want a woman. They aren’t going to fall into your lap. Most women are straight. So, it’s going to be a hit or miss situation. However, you won’t know until you take the first steps and try.

I have already given you, my readers, some helpful tips on getting ass. Refer to that blog post here. Your best bet is to print that blog post and hang it on your wall.