If you haven’t heard about Queen Sugar you’ve been missing out. In my honest opinion this is probably the best new show to hit the air. I won’t give away any of the plot, but if you haven’t started watching it you really, really, really need to start.

You can watch the video above. You will probably have to click play 3-4 times to get it to play (not my fault) and there will likely be pop up ads (again not my fault).

Anyway, this particular episode is significant because there is some black girl on girl action. One of the women is bisexual…the other is a lesbian (I think).

I’m so thirsty for some REAL representation of black women in same sex relationships that I will even accept a lesbian/bisexual scenario.

Now unfortunately, I don’t find the woman who portrays “Nova” attractive, but I do find her girlfriend/sex buddy attractive. In fact, she was one of my childhood crushes. Some of y’all might remember her as “Zaria” from the show “The Parent’hood.”

Her real name is Reagan Gomez and damn if she isn’t sexy. I have always loved her. Now I love her even more.