I want to do it but…I’m hesitant.

I want to either make a film or create a web series.

I want this film or web series to center around the type of entertainment I want to see from black lesbian entertainment.

However, I am and always have been hesitant to do so.


Because of black women.

Black women are hands down the most critical and most miserable group ever. I’m just being honest. Nothing seems to satisfy black women collectively.

From my observations, the only thing black women blindly support are black men, which makes no fucking sense when we consider how shitty they are as men.

This type of blind loyalty is NOT offered to other black women. I don’t care if the woman is gay or straight, black women shit on other black women more than any other group of women.

I caught more bullshit from black women during my short venture into lesbian fiction than any other group. I got so many emails that read, “Why can’t this character do so and so?” “I don’t like this plot.” “I don’t like this character. ”

I NEVER received this type of bullshit from any of my other work. This is why I stopped writing Sweat and killed my plans to create Climaxxx. I honestly don’t feel like dealing with the nonsense that comes from black women.

Now you chicks can get mad at me for stating it, but as far as I’m concerned no lies are being told. Black women are some miserable critical fucking people.

No matter how much I want to pour my money into my brand of entertainment I can honestly say I do NOT want to deal with the constant nagging and bitching from black women about my art. I don’t want to throw my money into a black hole.

This makes me think that maybe I should make a multi-racial brand of entertainment that will appeal to a wider demographic than just black women. It might be a good idea for both my own peace of mind and my pockets.