I have a new woman in my life. Here are the facts…

She is 42 years old (yes, you read that right). She is 5’2” tall. She is caramel-skinned. She works in the finance industry. She was born and raised in Atlanta, but she is of Jamaican descent. Sadly, she doesn’t rock the natural, but I still think she is beautiful all the same.

She has a child (yes, you read that right). She is the mother to a 3 year old child who she had with her ex-FEMALE partner. She told me that it took her about 10 years to have a child. So, no, she is NOT bisexual and NO she didn’t have sex with a man.

“But but but Lez….you swore off women with children!”

True…but not quite.

A childless woman is my most desired woman. However, I am more likely to accept a woman with a child who had said child with an ex-FEMALE partner than one who laid down with a man, fucked, and just got knocked up (usually unplanned…and usually the case with black women).

I don’t do bisexuals and most of the “lesbians” I know with children are usually bisexual.

This woman PLANNED her child. She didn’t just come into this world after a random night of fucking some nigga while pretending to be a lesbian.

Furthermore, I would rather come into the child’s life while she is still a baby than of age. If her mom and I get seriously, and maybe marry, the child will grow up knowing me instead of meeting me when she is on her way to high school or college.

It remains to be seen if this will go anywhere, but for right now I can say that I’m feeling her.

For the purpose of all future blogs her nickname will be Cougar.