I don’t fuck with bisexuals. If you’ve been following my blog you know the reasons why. I won’t bother to outline those reasons again in this post. Instead I plan to talk about the bisexual that made me weak enough to let my guard down….temporarily.

About two months ago I met a woman. I met her at work. I’d seen her around and I admit from a physical perspective I found her really really attractive.

She’s about 5’4” curvy, dark-skinned, with a nice pretty face. The thing I noticed about her is she keeps herself made up. Her makeup is always on point and she is a sharp dresser. She’s slightly overweight but for me that is offset by the other physical qualities that I find attractive about her. She likes to wear the color red. So for the sake of this blog I will call her “Red.”

She started working at the company over a year ago, but I noticed her almost immediately. She’s hard to miss in a sea full of homely looking weaved down chicks (sorry, but that’s all I see at my job for the most part from black women).

After a year of admiring her I finally said something to her. This burst of coverage came courtesy of the Afro she wore to work one day. She was leaving the bathroom as I was going in when I noticed it. She was wearing a pair of beige pants and a blue blazer. Her hair was out in a full blown Afro.

As she was walking out of the bathroom I called out to her, “Hey, I like your hair.”

She looked back at me, smiled, and said, “Thank you.”

That was the extent of our conversation until I got back to my desk. I sent her an instant message on our company’s instant message gadget and said, “My name is ___. Don’t be a stranger.”

She responded back immediately with a casual reply. Something along the lines of, “It’s nice to meet you.”

After this initial interaction I moved on with my life. If I saw her around I would say, “Hello” and keep it moving. Then one day out of the blue she sent me an instant message. That led to a conservation. That conversation became too personal. So she came over and handed me her phone number.

When I tell you my ass was happy…I mean I was happy! This chick is bad as fuck and because I no longer have casual sex I was looking forward to getting to know her.

Anyway, our phone conversations resulted in me learning the following about her: She is from Florida. She has a damn near teenage son (she is 31) who lives in another state with her mother. His father is a deadbeat. She has two maternal siblings and she is not close to either of them. Her father was a deadbeat and she has some siblings through him. She has been with both men and women. Yes, she flat out said she is bisexual.

All kinds of red flags start sprung up from our conversation. As I was listening I was thinking…

Single mother? Strike one.

Not family orientated? Strike two.

Bisexual? Strike motherfucking three.

Don’t fuck with this chick!

Funny how your head tells you one thing but your hormones tell you another. Despite all the “bad” shit I knew about this woman I was still interested in getting to know her.

I invited her over to my house (which by the way is still a work in progress). This was purely a “let’s get to know each other” move on my part. Well she had other plans…

When I tell you Red got extra raunchy and aggressive with me I mean she was literally trying to force herself on me. She was trying to fuck the hell out of me though it was clear I wasn’t interested. In fact, if she was a man I would call this sexual assault. No matter how many times I said, “I’m not ready to go there with you…” she tried to take it there.

Eventually after I practically had to force her off me she got the picture and decided to leave.

Even after this event I was still willing to at least be friends with Red. She obviously didn’t want that. From that day forward she began ignoring and avoiding me. At first I was baffled by this behavior. After all, I didn’t do anything to her. And I’ll be honest and admit I was kinda hurt by it as well.

Usually when I’ve fucked up with a woman I know what I’ve done. I can honestly say I didn’t do anything to red. Shit you would think I would be the one avoiding her. However, eventually I decided to let this mess go and move on with my life. It’s obvious Red wanted sex from me and I denied her that. So, I’m not useful to her anymore.

Like I’ve always said, the “B” in LGBT stands for BULLSHIT because that’s all you will ever get from bisexuals.