I started writing my memoir while I was away from this blog.

It happened because I’ve always wanted to write the memoir I wished I had to read as a young black girl in the rural south coming to terms with my sexuality. I also needed something creative to do with my life.

I believe it would do the world some good to see a coming of age story of a black lesbian. To my knowledge that story, or rather a realistic non-stereotypical version of that story, has never been told.

I’ve talked about this before, but I have made an honest effort to put my foot down on the gas and hit go. I’m about twenty pages into it.

I decided the memoir will tell the story of my first 28 years (I’m thinking of calling it 28 Years a Black Lesbian). I’m stopping at age 28 because that’s the year I lost my grandmother which was the first time I’ve ever lost someone close to me.

The problem I’m encountering is it’s easier said than done. Writing snippets of my life on a blog is easy. Writing a full-fledged memoir complete with conversations as I remember them, memories, prose, and the correct tense is quite difficulty.

The further I got into the memoir the more I felt it didn’t quite flow right.

Then there is the issue of HOW to begin my memoir. The first page and probably the first sentence is the “hook.” That’s the thing that pulls readers into the story. For the life of me I can’t decide how or when to start my story.

The only good thing is I used to worry that my life wasn’t interesting enough to write a memoir. I no longer feel that way. After spending almost 9 years of my life writing about my life on this blog and getting some of your emails, comments, and Facebook messages I now believe there is a ready and willing audience just waiting for the complete story to be told.

Now if only I could get my ass in gear and make it happen.