Interracial relationships in the USA and around the world are lit! Some people are happy about this while others don’t like it. My opinion is that interracial relationships are the wave of the future…

Black people, black men and black women, don’t like each other. Black women and black men will fuck each other but generally speaking, from personal observations, black women and black men don’t like each other.

People will come to this blog and try to dispute this and call me every name in the book, but I call a spade a spade. I have seen very little in my life to indicate that black men and black women like or even love each other.

We’ve been stuck together, forcibly stuck together, due to racism and oppression. That’s the only reason we haven’t thrown each other completely under the bus. If white folks were more welcoming to black people both black men and black women would jump ship (and black women would likely be much happier than black men if such a situation ever comes to be).

I believe the universal unhappiness black men and black women feel about each other will contribute to the so-called “browning” of America. Naturally when people are unhappy with the pool they find themselves in they will go swim in another pool.

I find myself in a similar situation.

I’m not happy with the black lesbians I run across here in Atlanta. I haven’t been happy with them for as long as I’ve been running this blog. Trying to find a single black lesbian who is comfortable with her sexuality, looks good, has something going in life, and who doesn’t come with a ready made family is damn near impossible here.

It’s to the point now where I have straight friends telling me the shit that society has told them, “You need to settle. Your standards are too high. Nobody is perfect.”

When I’m told this bullshit my reaction is always…

I guess this is what happens when a black woman reaches her thirties. People start thinking it’s the end of the damn world and you are desperate as hell.

The fact that I find it so freaking hard to find a well adjusted, educated, childless, physically attractive black woman to me speaks more to the state of the black community and black lesbians than anything else. I’m not asking for anything I’m not bringing to the table myself.

Furthermore, after my relationship with Sapphire I know that I am capable of loving a non-black…in this case….white woman.

So, my pool has grown. At this point in my life I just want to be happy. The race of the woman no longer matters. For years I was dead set on having a black family but that dream has caused me nothing but frustration.

Someone needs to do a study on the number of people who end up in interracial relationships because they are unhappy with the overall pool of people that surround them who share their race. Just an educated guess on my part, but I’m willing to bet at least half of them (if not more) are the result of this reality.