That thing called Karma is a bitch! I know it sounds cliche, but it is the truth.

My love and passion for genealogy has kept me digging for more and more of my family history.

My great great great grandfather, Henry Walker, was slave in Jones County, Georgia. He was owned by John S. Walker who died in 1860 and left him to his children, one of which was named Robert T. Walker.

Henry and Robert were about the same age and I believe they were close because Henry eventually named one of his children after Robert.

After the Civil War ended Henry and his growing family settled on Robert’s land where I believe he sharecropped for Robert. Some type of bond was signed between Henry and Robert guaranteeing Henry some land. I assume this bond required Henry to work the land for so many years before he could claim and purchase the land.

After Robert passed away Henry sued his widow and won!  That’s how the family came to own the land that passed down from generation to generation.

Up until today I never knew how Robert died. I knew he died young but I never knew the cause of death. He died before Georgia began issuing death certificates.

Well today while doing some genealogy research at the library I ran across the following article dated August 6, 1891…

Accidentally Killed

Mr. R.T. Walker, of Wayside, Shot While Cleaning Pistol

Mr. Robert T. Walker, a well known citizen and merchant at Wayside, in Jones County, accidentally shot and killed himself yesterday evening. Wayside is about eighteen miles from Macon on the Macon and Northern railroad.

The sad tragedy happened about 5 o’clock in the evening. Mr. Walker was in his store cleaning his pistol. He was sitting down and held the weapon between his knees. While he had the hammer lifted and revolving the cylinder the hammer fell and a ball struck him in the abdomen. It ranged upward, probably near his heart.

He exclaimed, “O Lord!” and fell over dead. Nobody was in the store with him at the time, but several persons were outside on the porch in front of the store and hurried in on hearing the shot and his exclamation, and found him breathing his last.

Ex-Sheriff Bradley, of Jones County came to Macon last night and ordered a neat casket from Undertaken Keating for the remains.

Mr. Walker was about 33 years of age, and was a respected and useful citizen, and his untimely death is deplored by all who knew him.

If you could see the smirk that spread across my face after reading this article! I was looking like…

I feel no sympathy for a slave owning cracker. His death single-handily set my ancestors on the course to financial independence. Hopefully he and his daddy are burning in hell.

Thank you Karma.