I don’t know what it is, but I’m attracting nothing but bullshit.

I recently met a black woman through a meetup group I joined. She is 37 years old and she recently moved to Atlanta from Chicago.

In course of me getting to know her I discovered that she has a 14 year old daughter whose father is a deadbeat (and this is a reoccurring story with black lesbians with children). When I asked her about the conception of her daughter her exact words were, “I used to be straight.”


I can’t!

I’m so sick and tired of running across this type of nonsense. There are a lot of black women out here who are “gay” simply because they can’t attract and keep a man! I have run across enough of them to know this to be true. Black women and black men’s relationship with each other is so fucked up and beyond repair that some of these women actually think they will have better luck with women.

It is so hard to meet an attractive level-headed true blue black LESBIAN who doesn’t come with a ready-made family here. Some of you might think I’m lying, but I invite you to come try the dating game here in Atlanta. It is not fun at all.

It’s hard enough trying to find a black woman here who rocks her own damn hair but you couple that with qualifications like no kids, educated, in decent shape, got her own shit and you will see just how impossible and bleak things are for black lesbians like me.

I threw a decent woman away for no other reason than her race (she’s white) and the “idea” of having a family with a black woman. The older I get the more I start to think I’ve made a mistake. The pickings here are slim.