I’m thinking about showing my face on this blog. Why? Well, it’s probably about time.

For almost nine years I have written about me and my life on this blog and for reasons I don’t understand you continue to follow me (personally I think I’m emotionally unstable).

I do wonder…why do some of you follow me when you’ve never seen my face? Is that part of the appeal of this blog? Does my anonymity make what I say more appealing? Does it add to the imagination?

I don’t know if I could personally take someone serious if I’ve never seen their face.

Do any of you even want to see what I look like? Do you care? Does it matter?

Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself on this blog though I know many of you subscribe to this blog and follow me on Facebook. Very few of you actually comment. Granted I did take almost a six month hiatus.

Anyway, I really want to know your thoughts. Does seeing my face matter to you?