There is nothing worse than being sexually and physically attracted to a woman you can’t fuck.

That’s exactly how I feel about Red, the bisexual that reminded me of why I don’t fuck with bisexuals.

It’s hard as hell having to see this woman five days a week every week.

That ass.

Those titties.

That face.

That Hair.

The way she dress.

Her ass in those jeans and those spandex pants.

I like ALL of it.

I like ALL of her….except her personality, background, and sexual orientation.

I don’t know if I just need some pussy or what (I mean it has been a while) but whenever I see this woman my hormones start jumping…and I can’t seem to do a damn thing about it.

Whenever I see her this song starts playing in my head…

No I’m not joking. It’s my fault for being a romantic soul music lover.

On Tuesday I saw Red in the break room warming up her lunch in the microwave. Once again, she was rocking an Afro. Once again, I was immediately aroused.

She still doesn’t speak to me. I don’t make an effort to say shit to her either. This seems childish as fuck, but again, this is the way she wanted it.

Why do women do this kind of petty shit? I won’t lie. It bothers me. Mostly because I wasn’t raised like that and partly because I’m so damn attracted to this bitch…which in itself is troubling to me. The tension between us is very much sexual.

When I walk into a room and see you, whether we are cool or not, my first reaction is to say, “Hello.” or “Good Morning.” or even give a courtesy nod. We don’t have to have a whole conversation, but out of basic courtesy I think we should at least acknowledge each other.

Sometimes…I swear sometimes….I wish I were straight. Dealing with the emotions of women is too much. At my age I’m just tired of the games. I don’t know if this is the universes way of fucking with me for talking so much shit about bisexuals, but I’m not please.