I’m still debating whether or not I want to show my face on this blog.

Why the hesitation?

I’m concerned about my privacy and that of the people I’ve talked about on this blog. It’s not just me who could be impacted from me showing my face. Every ex-girlfriend and certain members of my family could be impacted as well.

As of right now you know me as a ranting anonymous blogger. That all changes the moment I show my face on this blog. Suddenly those rants have a face and by default the people I’ve talked about can also have a face assuming some of you know them or know people who know them.

I’ve thought about simply emailing a picture of myself to those who are curious, but then I don’t feel right sending my face into a black hole. You will know me but I won’t know you.

So, now I’m debating maybe a picture exchange for those who are interested. Maybe those who are interested can send me a photo and tell me about themselves in exchange I will send my photo (you should already know me from this blog). Or maybe I can host a group chat with those who are interested and we¬† can all share our pics.

Let me know what you think of these ideas.