Today I was cleaning out some old emails that I’ve received through the years from this blog. While doing so I realized that I have received more emails from black lesbians regarding one particular blog post. That blog post is titled Whites Lesbians Who Are Interested In Black Lesbians.

As odd as it seems (I like to think I’ve written some good ass blogs in my day) this is the one I have received the most emails from black women. I don’t know if I should be sad, alarmed, or put off by this, but nevertheless it’s worth speaking on.

I wrote that blog because I kept getting emails from white lesbians asking how to meet black lesbians. Many of these white lesbians were from places like South Africa (who would have thought it?)

At the time I was put off and disturbed by the idea of white women pursing black women for sex and relationships. Hell, most of the emails I received came across as nothing more than a fetish for black women….particularly a fetish for me.

The emails I have received from black women regarding that blog all pretty much read, “So yeah…I like white women. I find them very attractive. Where can I meet some? How can I meet a white woman?”

I ignored each and every one of these emails. I never bothered to respond to any of them.


Because I’m not an expert on pursing, courting, and fucking white women. I find American (key word) white women absolutely positively repulsive and detestable. This is largely due to the things I have seen and experienced from white women in America…specifically those in the south. Like their male counterparts, I don’t find any redeeming qualities in American white women. They are and always have been the hand that rocks the cradle of white supremacy.

The one white woman I have ever been with is Canadian and that relationship happened by chance. I didn’t go out looking for a white women. I didn’t actively have it in my mind that I would date a white women while forsaking all others. Even with Sapphire, at the end of the day, my preference was and still is black women…the women who look like me.

For the most part I think everyone should date who they want. If a black woman wants to date a white woman that’s her business. However, even I have to admit there is something glaring about a black woman who actively looks for and pursues white women.

Just think about this for a second….out of all the blog post I have ever written that blog post has generated the most emails from black women. Do you find that as puzzling as I do?

I never knew or thought so many black lesbians were interested in white women. That’s not what I see here in Atlanta, but then again, Atlanta is the so-called black mecca. Black people here date each other…unlike some other places.