You now have a new way of communicating with me directly. I am using an app/website call GroupMe.

In order to communicate on GroupMe you can either use the app or you can log into their website. It’s free to use. As the name implies it’s good for group chats.

The good thing about GroupMe is you can use it to send direct messages to contacts or you can create group chats with several contacts. For the purpose of this blog, I will be using GroupMe to communicate with you as a group and as individuals.

If you want to chat with me directly this will be the way to do it. GroupMe is instant. I will get your messages in real-time via the app on my phone.

If you want to add me as a contact you can do so through my profile HERE.

I have also created a group chat. If you’re interested in joining it you can click this link.

Who knows? Maybe we can use this feature to discuss issues on your mind and topics you would like to discuss. I always thought it would be cool to have group chats on topics like Bisexuals, Racism, Sexism, etc. Maybe this will be the start of that.