A woman who cannot handle her finances is unattractive to me. I think this title speaks for itself and surprisingly it’s not a topic I have ever wrote about on this blog or my old blog.

I keep track of my spending. I have a monthly budget. I log my bills. Every dime is accounted for when everything is said and done.

I make sure I’m saving 25-30% of my income (not including money that goes into investments and my 401k). The only debt I currently have is my mortgage, which will likely be there at least for the next 10 years unless I sell my home. My credit score is 820.

I don’t have a car note. I don’t have any student loan debt. I spent most of my twenties paying off my student loans. I lived in the same cramped studio apartment for 5 years to help save money to pay off my debt. I paid over my monthly payments.

My goal was to pay off the loans and eventually buy a house at age thirty. Things didn’t work out that way because my vehicle was stolen and I was forced to buy a new car. Once that car was paid off I bought my house.

As you can see I’m a very organized and financially responsible woman. My attitude about money and fiances comes from not having shit. I have been broke and struggling. There was a time when I didn’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out.

When I graduated from Spelman I was $5k in credit card debt. The recession hit and the interest on both credit cards went to 25% and 28%. Thankfully, I came into $8k and paid this debt off soon after the interest rates increased. However, I learned my lesson from this experience. I vowed to be more responsible with my money and my credit. After this happened I started learning how to invest in stocks and how to grow my money. I have not touched a credit card since. If I can’t pay for it I don’t get it.

When I run across a woman who is financially irresponsible I’m instantly put off. There is nothing attractive about a 25 plus year old woman who is buried in debt, not doing anything to climb out of debt, and who is generally financially ignorant.

I can partially understand why a young twenty-something year old might not know any better. However, I don’t know what to say to women who tell me they have 60k-100k plus in debt unless we’re talking about a mortgage or medical school.

I have run across black women who took out 35k-90k in student loans, found they couldn’t find adequate employment to pay off said loans, and just sat back and let the interest on the loans compound until the debt doubled.

If you run across this how anxious would you be to date or marry this woman? I mean if she can’t handle her money how the hell can you expect her to handle the money you share? Better yet, how can you build with such a person?

Arguably this would be like adopting a child because they are a ready made liability to your finances.

I can respect women who are actively working towards getting out of debt. However, I can’t respect folks who let the debt grow and ignore it all together. The shit isn’t going away. And if a woman wants to make herself a good prospect to a potential mate it would seem to me that she would check herself financially.