This blog is an update on my love life, which is semi-non-existent.

Let’s start with Chocolate…

Chocolate and I had one date. I paid a friend, who is a chef, to come over and teach Chocolate and I how to prepare a dish. Chocolate loves to cook. So, I thought this would be cool. She enjoyed it. I enjoyed it as well.

Chocolate ended up spending the night, but we didn’t sleep together. She didn’t feel like driving home.

We’ve spoken everyday since this date. However, we mutually decided to just be friends. I’m afraid time has passed us by. The vibe of the past is not there anymore. What was once a romantic vibe is now kinda a sisterly vibe, and I’m actually cool with it. I don’t believe in forcing it.


She and I are talking again. She apologized to me for the way she behaved. She told me she was embarrassed by her actions in my house that day. I forgave her.

The sexual tension is strong as hell between me and Red. I found myself thinking one day, just go ahead and let her eat the box. She’s asking…no I take that back. She is begging for it.

Friday, while at work, I allowed her to kiss and suck on my neck in one of the maternity rooms at the job. I went home with a hickey.

I believe my attraction to Red is sexual only. I don’t want to be in a relationship with her and I don’t want to date her.

Still, I can’t bring myself to simply use a woman for sex. I’m not that person…anymore.

Furthermore, I want something more. I never would have thought I would still be a bachelorette at thirty-two years old. It sucks!