I want a dog. I think a pet would be nice to have in my home. I’ve been thinking about it for months. However, I haven’t made any moves to buy a dog.

What’s stopping me? Well, I don’t want a puppy.

I want a grown dog that is housebroken and is independent. I want a dog who I can leave at home alone 8 hours a day without coming home and finding my house has been destroyed. I’m leaning towards seeking a shelter dog.

I want a golden retriever or a golden doodle (both are probably hard to find in shelters). I know most golden retrievers are needy and most are extremely friendly. They love being around people.

I think a grown golden retriever will suit my personality. However, I worry he/she will be lonely when left alone for several hours. Perhaps I will put the dog in doggie daycare or something. I’ve never seen a completely independent golden retriever.

The other downside about golden retrievers is they shed like crazy. This is one of the main reasons why I’m leaning towards a golden doodle. I’m still doing my research but I think an adult golden doodle might be more comfortable being left alone for hours and they don’t have the shedding problem either.

I realize that bringing a pet into my home basically means I’m adopting a child. I have to provide food, shelter, healthcare, etc. I have to love the dog even when he/she pisses me off. I have to share my space. I have to walk him/her every day.

I think I’m up for the challenge. I think I’ll make a good pet parent. I guess we shall see.