Happy Valentine’s Day or as I like to call it Happy Reminder That Your Single Day.  Today will go down in my personal history as the most awkward Valentine’s Day ever.

I am single. I wasn’t expecting this day to be any different from any other day or any other Valentine’s Day where I find myself single. Depending on how I feel it can be depressing or it can be just another day. Today I expected it to be just another day.

I went to work as normal though work has been anything but normal since my interaction with Red. Things are incredibly uncomfortable between us. I let her go and she’s not taking it well though I feel like I did the right thing because I’m not interested in her beyond sex.

The bouquet of flowers pictured above was delivered to me at work this morning. The flowers are from Sapphire. She just wanted to make me very special on Valentine’s Day. I was deeply touched that she thought about me, but I instantly felt bad because I didn’t get her anything. I ordered her an edible arrangement that will be delivered tomorrow.

Sapphire is so nice. She’s the only ex-girlfriend who I actively speak with and have a good relationship with. I asked her to go to the movies with me on Saturday to see Black Panther. She agreed to do so.

Sapphire’s sweet gesture (the flowers) soon turned sour once Red took notice of the flowers on my desk. I’m telling you if looks could kill I would be dead and buried. Though she didn’t say anything to me (I’ve been trying to avoid her…yeah the shoe is on the other foot now) I could see she was bothered.

I feel bad about it. I don’t want to cause her any pain. I just think it’s best that we go our separate ways and forget we ever crossed paths. I’m hoping Red will simply move on, but it’s never that easy for a woman. Sigh…

Anyway, for those of you in love, wishing for love, or loving yourselves enjoy Dinah Washington’s greatest hits and Happy Valentine’s Day…