Tonight I was browsing Youtube watching various videos when I ran across an old video from 1988 of Karyn White performing the song The Way You Love Me on Soul Train. It popped up as a suggested video. I watched the video several times with my mouth half-way open wondering what in the world happened to black women like this?

Consider for a second this sister was doing the freaking running man in heels!

She had her own damn hair. She was slim and in shape. She was sexy without showing all her body. All her body parts were her own.

On top of that she was a brown-skinned black woman out here putting it down. She was unquestionably black. You couldn’t look at her and see anything but a black woman.

Show me where we have that TODAY in mainstream media.

I watch this video of Karyn White and I become aroused. I don’t feel that with today’s “black” women entertainers.

All we have today is these whitewashed struggle singers like Rihanna and Beyonce and racially ambiguous THOTS like Cardi B in mainstream media. Black women who look and sound like Karyn White have disappeared. They’ve been replaced by super light bright women who can’t sing worth a shit, who look like shit, and who carry themselves like shit.

Karyn White could even sing and dance live without any issues…

And for the record Karyn White still looks good today. The woman is 53 years old and looks better than a lot of these twenty-something year olds. I believe she had some work done on her nose, but otherwise she looks just as fine as she did in 1988.  She’s old enough to be my mother but I would still fuck.