I am starting a book club on GroupMe.

The idea of having a virtual book club is appealing. Plus, I like GroupMe. It’s an easy to use communication tool. I find it effective for my blog chat. So, I started thinking why not start a virtual book club.

For those of you who don’t know I used to be a librarian. I love books. I love to read. I read more than any other activity. I miss being a librarian.

I would love to find other black lesbians who share my passion for books. I’ve found one (she knows who she is) but I’m hoping there are others.

It is a simple idea. We discuss books. I’m hoping to attract 6-8 women. Each of us will be designated a month in which we pick a book for the group. We go out and purchase that book or borrow it from the library. We read that book for that month and discuss it on a designated day within the chat. In between we can share other books, talk about authors, characters etc.

Don’t join my book club if you don’t plan to participate or actually read the book. I’m going to remove people who aren’t actually participating in the book club.

Joining the book club is simple. Just click this link to join.

See you on the other side!