Chopping down a woman with a strap…this will be a good topic.

This post stems from a conversation I had with a friend. This particular friend is a stud. She believes if a woman likes getting strapped she is bisexual and likes men (I mean how else do you explain her enjoying a fake dick inside her pussy so much?) I’m not sure I agree with my friend. Let me explain why…

I do not like dick in any way, shape, or form. I have never been penetrated by anything other than a tampon, the fingers of various women I have fucked, and the shit my gynecologist uses for my Pap smear. That is it! However, I’ve fucked some women who not only love the strap, but expected to have it each and every time we fucked.

These women were lesbians. Some of them, during their period of denial and self-loathing about being gay, fucked men or were in relationships with men. Once they came to terms with their sexual orientation they stopped forcing themselves to have relationships with men.

They will tell you themselves they like the feel of a strap from a woman, but they don’t like dick from a man. A woman strapping them down is arousing and pleasing. A man fucking them doesn’t bring any type of pleasure whatsoever. It feels forced and the attraction is not there. It doesn’t feel right.

These women feel raw ecstasy from being chopped down by a woman. Some of them want feminine aggression….rather than the masculine pounding that comes from being with a man (and most men are probably just trying to get theirs!).

There were times when I used a strap on some of these women and they left my sheets soak and wet. And it was extremely arousing for me as well because I usually had my lips wrapped around their lips, nipples, and neck while stroking their g-spot. Listening to them moan and groan as I went them inside of them got me wet as hell. I don’t care if it’s missionary or doggy (my favorite position) they get turned out!

I’ll tell you the truth. I have a routine. First I eat the box. Then I reach for the strap (my favorite being the rabbit). When all is said and done she’s usually had 3 or 4 orgasms….and probably sound asleep afterwards.

With some good music like this…

I haven’t had a woman yet that wasn’t pleased. It’s a good sexual experience for both of us. So, I can personally dispute the bullshit myth that the lesbian doing the stroking doesn’t get anything from it.

Now does this mean these women are bisexual, confused, or possibly straight? I don’t think so…just based on my experiences with them.