This is something that I honestly find baffling: black lesbian couples choosing to have children using white sperm donors.

We talked about this briefly in my group chat after I noticed a number of black lesbian couples having children using white sperm donors. I know two of these couples personally. Both are couplings involving two dark-skinned black women. I only mention this because I believe this detail is significant as I have yet to personally run across any light-skinned black lesbian couples (or brown-skinned for that matter) with biracial children…though I’m sure they exist.

Most people want children who look like them. I want children who look like me. For this reason I can only see myself having children with a black sperm donor. The only way I would even consider having a biracial child is if my partner was some other race.

I don’t know if I’m naive as hell or just plain old conservative about these things, but I would expect other black lesbians to share my feelings. I mean I never thought I would see the day when black women not only want, but seek out, white sperm to create kids. And I have to admit there is something repulsive about it. I’ll be honest and admit the thought of having a white man’s child makes my stomach churn because I find them so unbelievably detestable.

Someone in my group chat made the point that the majority of men who donate sperm to sperm banks are white men. Fair enough, but surely there are SOME black donors in the bunch. I’m not saying black women are FORCED to choose a black donor. Black women should and can do whatever the hell we want.

I’m pointing out the reality that no other race is hopping at the chance to have biracial kids when thinking about procreation. Most people are not jumping at the chance to mix their eggs with a black sperm donor. In fact, there was a white lesbian couple who sued a sperm bank after they accidentally gave them a black man’s sperm. People, whether gay or straight, are looking to have kids who share their race. So, to see black lesbians so willingly have biracial children it makes me question why???

Let’s not pretend that a number of black women don’t hate the way they look. Some black women hate their hair, skin, facial features etc. It’s probably not a coincidence that the people I know personally who have used a white sperm donor are all dark-skinned. Some of these women might not want a child who looks like them. They might associate beauty with light-skinned and straight hair. They know a black sperm donor can’t achieve this look. So, they go for the race of men who can give them this look.

Well, why don’t they go for other races like Asians?

My guess….because Asians have slight builds and are associated with femininity.

Women biological want to have kids who are strong, fit, tall, intelligent and have the best chance at survival. We want sexy sons and beautiful daughter. ¬†We seek out men who have certain characteristics like height. Unfortunately, Asian men don’t generally fit the bill. It’s just shameful that some black women associate these things with white men.