Next month I will be 33 years old and I’m feeling it.

A woman’s body goes through stages and changes. My body began to change in my late 20s and it seems I’ve faced a new change every year since age twenty-seven.

Around age 27ish (I believe) I was diagnosed with GERD. I was forced to change my diet and eliminate some trigger foods. I believe this was caused by stress and depression. I had some inflammation.

In my late 20s, I discovered I have a 3cm fibroid that was causing my period to be heavily every other month. I was told I have some cyst as well. My doctor checked my hormone levels and everything was normal. My period is sometimes irregular. There are months when I have spotting in between my period and sometimes my period last 7 plus days. My doctor put me on birth control for this issue.

Age thirty, my asthma which was a non-issue for 15 years, came back with a vengeance. I began suffering from nocturnal asthma.

Flicks of gray hair began to grow in my hair. I have a gray streak right in the front of my hair.

At thirty-one I was diagnosed with hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune disease that impacts the thyroid. The cause is unknown. This forced me to change my eating habits and incorporate more exercise into my life. I have days when I feel unbelievably tired and irritable though. Most days I am fine, but this will be a life long issue because there is no cure for it.

Last year I paid a dermatologist $350 to have some skin tags removed from my face. Some people can live with these but I cannot. I didn’t have many but it was enough to drive me to seek out a doctor to have them removed. The thought of looking like Morgan Freeman at 45 was enough to get my ass up and moving.

Now at age thirty-two going on thirty-three I have a new problem. There is a small patch of chin hair that has begun to grow on the right side of my face. It course hair…not fine. I had my hormones checked again. They are normal. I asked my doctor if she thought it was being caused by the thyroid issue. She stated no. She told me it’s common with black women and it’s likely genetic.

I sat back and thought about it. None of the women in my family have beards or mustaches. Though I suppose they may wax or do something to cover up the issue.

Anyway, since I’m not interested in waxing or plucking my face I’ve decided to have electrolysis. If the hair was growing some place else I would let it go, but I take great pride in my face and my looks. So, I’m off to another doctor to have this shit removed.


I just wonder if this is the new normal for me. Overall I think I am aging well, but still, getting older sucks.