I hope y’all remember Red…the bisexual who got too damn frisky with me when I invited her over to my house. Well she has fucked up! She is in jeopardy of losing her job after she got into a fist fight with another woman at work. Let me explain…

Last week Red got into an alternation with one of our coworkers who I thought was her friend. From what I know, the dispute was over some shoes. I don’t know all the details, but words were exchanged in the hallway on the floor where we sit. Based on what I heard, the other coworker tried to walk away, but Red got in her face and was pointing her finger in her face. Where I’m from you don’t point your finger in anybody’s face unless you want your ass kicked.

The finger must have been the last straw because the other coworker hauled off and slapped her ass. A full-fledge cat fight broke out. It took 4 grown men to break it up. I heard Red got that black and gold Steelers wig she was wearing knocked off her head! They say it was literally laying on the floor. I damn near died when I heard about it! Unfortunately, I was not there to witness the fight, but it’s all everyone was talking about the next day at work…and it didn’t end there…

Later while I was at home I got a series of text messages from my friend who told me to Google Red’s first and last name. I did and two mugshots of this woman immediately came up. She was charged with battery in 2012 and she was charged with theft in 2010.

Out of curiosity, I decided to venture to the county’s online court records to get more information on her arrest. There wasn’t any information about the battery charge. The only thing I gathered is that it was a domestic dispute. The other charge, the theft charge, had me rolling over laughing!

It turns out the theft charge against Red stems from charges filed by Wal-Mart. Red was arrested for stealing a Wal-Mart shopping chart! That’s right, the chick with one of the fattest asses I’ve ever seen, who likes to dress her ass off, used to be a dusty bitch…her mugshots are living proof of it.

I’m guessing she didn’t have a car and she was using the shopping cart to get her groceries home. I have seen people walk off with Wal-Mart’s shopping carts before, but this is the FIRST time I’ve ever heard of Wal-Mart pressing charges against someone for stealing one of their shopping carts.

If that wasn’t bad enough there were several civil suits against her from a payday loan company and she was evicted from an apartment in 2011.

Shacking my damn head.

I spent days laughing at Red, her problems, and this situation, but then it stopped being funny. It started being sad. Why? Because I have long suspected that Red is bipolar. It feels like I’m laughing at the retarded kid. The way her mood changed and things I’ve witnessed lead me to believe something is not quite right with her. I cut her off and out of my life months ago. When I would see her at work I would actively ignore her.

So what happens now? The fight is being investigated by human resources. I’m fairly certain Red will be fired.

As far as me and her…I can’t say she will be missed.