White readers of my blog I have a question for you…

Why do you read this blog? I’m genuinely curious.

I know I have some white readers of this blog. I get your emails and I read them. Some of you are located in the United States and some of you are located in other countries.

I have feeds and widgets on this blog. I see what you’re reading, where you coming from, and how long you stay. For some reason I have received a steady stream of traffic from Russia and I’m curious why? I don’t suspect there are many black people living in Russia…let alone black lesbians.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with white people reading my blog. By all means, read my blog. The reason why your presence strikes me as odd is because I’m a bigot. I’m clearly prejudiced against whites. Blame systemic racism perpetuated by whites in the United States.

My reaction to whites is completely from the things I have experienced from whites. I believe it’s the same for other African Americans. While we (black people) generally try to be welcoming of all races, I believe the way many of us feel is completely justified considering the treatment we receive in this country.

With that said, I have loved a white woman. I consider her one of the greatest loves of my life. I’m capable of looking at some white people on an individual level. I treat people with respect and I don’t bother anyone unless they bother me.

I can only assume this is why some of you (white people) read my blog. Maybe, despite my honest bigotry, you appreciate that someone can express how they feel openly and unapologetically. Maybe you sympathize with me. Maybe you just enjoy my commentary. Whatever the reason, I want to hear from you. I want to know how you found my blog, how long you’ve been following my blog, and why you read my blog.

If you don’t want to post a comment you can feel free to email me.

Don’t be afraid.

Some of you have already reached out to me, and as I stated before, I treat everyone with respect. I promise that won’t change. I look forward to hearing from you.