King Louis XIII…God’s gift to mankind.

For years I have battled insomnia. There are days when I go without sleep. No matter how tired I am I can’t close my eyes and fall asleep. I lay in bed for hours just tossing and turning. This is one of the many issues I battle with thyroid disease. However, life has gotten better…thanks to marijuana.

I started smoking King Louis a few weeks ago after it was recommended by a friend after I told her how fucked up I feel waking up from an Ambien induced sleep. My head hurts and I feel sluggish for the rest of the day. It almost feels like I’m sleepwalking. After waking up below a flight of stairs in my home I swore off Ambien. That’s when I began looking at “natural” alternatives. That’s when I was directed to King Louis.

King Louis XIII is so powerful. I feel like I’m wrapped in a cloud after smoking it. My body feels good and loose and before long I’m slipping into a good sound sleep. When I wake up the next morning I feel energized. I feel good. I feel functional. See below for more benefits…

And for those of you who are curious about the negatives of the drug….

Consider for a second that this “drug” has managed to do something for me that Ambien, Melatonin, aspirin, or anything other over the counter or prescribed has managed to do for me: induced a sound energized sleep. And guess what? It’s illegal to sell, grow, or use here in Georgia and the greater United States.

This brings me to today’s rant…

I am sick and tired of old conservative white men making laws for society. This worthless group of morons shouldn’t be in charge of ANYTHING let alone government. They should not be allowed to make laws that govern society. They ALWAYS have their own motives for creating laws.

In the case of marijuana, the laws that have been on the books forever came to be because of white men’s paranoid fear of black men. They used their racism and fear to justify the illegalization of the drug. The jackasses managed to convince the country that drugged up black men would go after white women. For years they put out propaganda to convince generation after generation that marijuana is BAD. Any and all health benefits of the drug have been IGNORED.

Here in Georgia they, white men, recently made medical marijuana legal, but only for certain conditions and only in cases where the condition has reached a severe stage.

There aren’t any marijuana dispensaries here and the state doesn’t plan to allow any as far as I can tell. So, in the rare case where you have a severe condition requiring medial marijuana you have to get it out of state and risk catching a federal drug charge bringing it back to Georgia.

Recreational use? Nope. You can’t do that here either without taking the risk of catching a charge. And don’t even think about growing it for your own personal use. Georgia throws the books at folks who grow marijuana…even if it’s for their own personal use.

So what are people like me to do? I’m going to do what the hell I want to do.

We, society, Georgians, need to get out and vote. We need to get these old ignorant white men out of office. I’m not just talking about locally. We need to get rid of them in the federal government as well. They do nothing to better society. Instead, they have been nothing but hateful, ignorant, and oppressive.