It’s time to throw transgender folks under the bus. Yes, I said it. I don’t care if this post offends anyone. I got some shit to say and personally I think the majority of the world, whether gay or straight, feels like me. No, I don’t have any way of proving it, but I know political correctness has forced society to accept some nonsense that doesn’t make ANY sense. I hope this post goes viral because I’m not biting my tongue any longer for the sake of some false unity and acceptance of transgender people.

I believe transgender people are mentally ill. I believe a man who decides to transform himself into a “woman” is mentally ill and I believe a woman who transforms herself into a “man” is mentally ill. There is NOTHING normal, rational, or sane about someone thinking, saying, and believing they were born in the wrong body/gender.

We, as a society, need to accept that transgenders want to be the opposite sex due to mental illness and social conditioning.

Why do I say this?

Well, let me point out the reality that the vast majority of those claiming team transgender are MEN transitioning to WOMEN. It is rare to run across a WOMAN transitioning to MAN. I can only think of ONE famous (semi-famous in this case) woman who has transitioned to a man and that’s Chaz Bono. As a side note, the majority of transgenders are WHITE.

The fact that so many of these individuals are MEN transitioning to women tells me a few things…

  1. The idea that they were born in the wrong body is bullshit. Obviously women don’t feel this way as much as men because it’s mostly men making the change.
  2. Something is going on with men that has changed the way they view themselves, women, and themselves in relation to women. It seems like a feminized reversed Peter Pan Syndrome where men want to grow up, but they want to be seen as beautiful feminine women.
  3. There is some social conditioning involved and I think it has something to do with the advancement of women in society and the difference in the way men and women interact today as opposed to the past. I doubt we would see this push from men to transition to women if women were still stuck in domestic roles with no chance of economic independence or professional advancement.
  4. The fact that a good number of transgenders identity as straight before the change, and continue to desire members of the opposite sex after becoming a member of that sex tells me they don’t really believe gender is fluid. If this were the case I would assume their sexuality would be fluid as well. I mean if you’re telling me that there is no such thing as gender…there are no real differences between men and women…why aren’t you sexually attracted to the gender you transitioned from?
  5. Transgenders who are WOMEN to MEN also suffer from mental illness and social conditioning, but in a different way. Most women to men transgenders I’ve run across are lesbians who transitioned (never met a straight woman who did it) and most of these women were raped, molested, and sexually abused by MEN. They have no desire to be touched by men, but they associate power and strength with males and masculinity. So, I think they grow to desire the power men have in society.

Normally I would say people can and should be who and what they are….and the hell with everyone else. However, I have come to see I can’t take this attitude with transgenders. They are literally trying to destroy spaces for WOMEN. They want to be accepted into women’s colleges and change the traditions, culture, history, and bathrooms at those institutions. They want to compete in women’s sporting events though we all know MEN have a biological advantage over WOMEN. In the case of whites, they want to transition to women while keeping all the privileges of white males. They want to rape women as men, transition to women, and be placed in a women’s prison amongst the population they preyed upon as men.

Like I said, I’m tired of pretending to embrace this madness.

Women and girls deserve to have SAFE SPACES free of MEN. And yes, you are a man if you are biologically born a man. Your broad shoulders, large hands, height, strong chin lines, muscle mass, and other masculine features make you biologically different from women. I have a menstrual cycle, fibroids, and at some point I will experience menopause. This makes me different from men. There is a helluva lot more to being a woman than the physical.

There are places that women should have that are exclusively for women. The same for men. I don’t want to see schools that are traditionally for women bow down to social pressure in order to admit MEN who have DECIDED to become women. The legacies of these institutions should be respected. Men who have transitioned to women should opt for a co-ed school and RESPECT the history of those institutions.

Women, who have transitioned to men, who enrolled in women’s colleges as WOMEN shouldn’t expect those institutions to modify their traditions and culture to fit their transformation. You changed. The school didn’t change. You knew what it was when you CHOSE that school. If you wanted to be accepted as a male student you should have chosen a co-ed school.

In terms of sporting events, there should be separate events for people who are transgender because men and women are not physically or biologically equal. I don’t care what anyone says. Usain Bolt in a wig should NOT be able to compete in the same events as Flo Jo. It would not be a fair match.

If the Olympics allows transgenders to compete in women’s events women need to boycott the Olympics and ALL sporting events. This goes for middle school, high school, and college sports as well.

Private institutions need to tell transgenders to step the hell off. Women in general need to stand up and say we’re not taking this crap anymore. We will not accept you invading our spaces, changing our traditions, and demanding we conform to your whims.

You want change go create it instead of inserting yourselves in places created for and by women.