How many of you would date a female-to-male transgender? Hit the poll at the end of this post.

I’m curious. I really want to know. I’ve received a great deal of feedback from my last post. Some of you agree with my stance. Some of you disagree with my stance. And some of you, unbeknownst to me, are transgender and hate my guts now.

Well, I can’t please everyone.┬áMy opinion on transgender people won’t change….ever. As far as I’m concerned the “T” in LGBT stands for The need for a CAT scan.

With that said, I do find it quite annoying when black lesbians, folks who are marginalized by their race, gender, and sexual orientation, decide to fight for the struggles of others. There is something off-putting about it.

I sit back thinking, “Breh, we got our own damn issues to deal with in this world. Why the hell are you fighting for another group’s cause? Meanwhile, when it’s time to fight for you that same group is as quiet as a church mouse. When black women, regardless of sexual orientation, are being shit on we don’t hear a thing from them. Let them hold their own nuts!”

But but but…It’s LGBT!

So what?

It is a MYTH that there is some type of united community of homosexuals and “others.” The reality is members of LGBT are just as divided along race, class, gender, etc as straight people. We put on a nice front. We have nice parades. But at the end of the day there are Black Gay Prides and Gay Prides (usually white). Injustices against black members of LGBT don’t get damn near the amount of attention as those committed against whites.

Stop playing yourselves and thinking we are in this thing together. We are NOT.

Let me tell you, I’ve seen some black lesbians go HARD for transgender rights. I mean to the point where I thought something was wrong with them. Some of them believe people are born in the wrong body.

Here’s where I’m going to pull their card…

How many of those “die for the cause” black lesbians do you think would be willing to date a female-to-male transgender?

If gender truly is fluid, and they believe people are born in the wrong body, then surely they should be able to look at a woman who has transitioned to a man and get aroused or feel an attraction right?

I guarantee the women in question are looking like this right about now…

But then again there are some black lesbians who find those obese Mannie fresh looking studs attractive. So It’s not hard to imagine some of them might be okay with a female-to-male transgender.

For all of you who bitterly disagreed with me, or thought I was dead ass wrong, how many of you would DATE a female-to-male transgender?

Keep in mind female-to-male transgenders are likely to be lesbians as I have never seen a straight woman transition to a man. They’re sexual preference (women) doesn’t change with the transition, which means they will still date women after the change. I’m sure some straight women would date them I’m interested to see how many lesbians who read this blog would date them.

Vote in the poll below. It is completely anonymous. It closes in one week.