Yet another supreme court justice seat is up for grabs and Trump gets to have his second pick for the supreme court. Prior to being elected president, Trump gave conservatives a list of potential supreme court nominees he would consider. Members of the federalist society have been anticipating the day when at least two or three justices would retire. So, these folks are having the best year ever.

Conservatives are happy as hell because it means several decades of conservative law interpretation, which would include a rollback of Obamacare.

Gay rights activist are ready to revolt because this could mean the rollback of gay rights.

White women are screaming foul because this could mean the rollback of abortion rights and affirmative action, which they have been the main beneficiaries…contrary to popular opinion.

Hispanics are shaking in their boots because this could mean the mass shipping of them back to their homelands.

Black people are indifferent because this country has never done shit exclusively for us anyway…so what the hell is another conservative white man on the bench?

For the sake of this post let’s focus our attention on white women…

For those of you who don’t know white women were some of Trumps biggest supporters. In fact, when he “won” the election several articles gave them credit for his victory thanks to a number of exit polls…

It was a forgone conclusion that white men would vote for Trump. It was a fargone conclusion that black women would vote for Hilary. What was not clear is where white women would come into play.

On election night they showed us they didn’t really give a damn about him bragging about “grabbing them by the pussy” or anything else. They fell right in line with white men.

The only exception was white women with a college education. Apparently, by a slim margin, they went for Hilary.

And maybe it’s the college educated white women who now find themselves upset that their right to an abortion can possibly be taken away.

Maybe not.

I would think the higher the education, the higher the income, the least likely to get an abortion. I don’t know any middle class women who have had abortions, but I know plenty of broke and dusty chicks who lacked common sense, self-respect, and a marriage certificate who have had abortions. But I could be wrong…

White women have been the most protected, spoiled and pampered group in America since its founding. No other group has been able to do wrong, and so easily fall back on white supremacy and white privilege. It doesn’t matter if they find themselves the center of attention for calling the police for bullshit, or for doing nonsense and claiming innocence after doing it. White women have been shielded and protected from the righteous scorn they are due.

Think about it…

Who gets the blame for white supremacy?

White men!

Not only do they get the blame by society but they throw themselves on the fire often to shield white women from the raft of rage.

Now we have a group of women who are all over TV talking about, “Trump is going to rollback our rights” as if they didn’t vote for the motherfucker! I wonder what these women thought would happen when they aligned themselves with a man who demonstrated quite clearly that he does not respect them.

Did they think whiteness would protect them from all the stuff he swore to do, which basically amounted to rolling back Obama’s legacy and all the liberal protections/gains made in society in the last forty plus years…many of which have in fact benefited white women more than any other group?

It’s because they hate Hilary! Yet I bet right about now they wish Hilary was president.