It’s 7:41 in the morning and I’m up early waiting for a HVAC contractor to come to my house to check one of my air conditioning units. I’m on vacation this week from work, which is why I’ve been blogging so much. It’s easy to write when you have free time. Sorry if it’s been overwhelming. I had some things on my mind. After this post I’m going on another short hiatus…

This is a legit question. When the hell do other groups ever stand up for black women?

I’m asking this because I’ve come to the conclusion that African American women (primarily…though I’m sure other black women are impacted by this dumbness) are stuck on stupid when it comes to protesting for causes and people that don’t do jack shit for us. You would think with all the “offended” emails I received about my stance on transgender people black women would be getting some type of benefits from taking on transgender rights. You would think that…

This is not the first time I’ve noticed this nonsense. Black women just seem to LOVE throwing themselves on the frontlines of issues. Whether it be transgender rights, black (men) rights, women’s rights, gay rights, Hispanic rights, etc you can easily find large segments of black women protesting.

I can understand why black women would fight for certain rights. Being black and women….I get it. I can understand why black lesbians would have an interest in gay rights in general. What I don’t understand is why black women bitch, cry, and moan for groups who wouldn’t spit on black women if our asses were on fire?!?

Transgender issues are NOT black women’s issues. They are not black lesbian issues. For the most part this is a WHITE MALE issue. Those are the folks who are transitioning. Black people for the most part are NOT on the transgender wave. It’s damn near non-existent amongst black women period. Anybody paying attention can see those who are transitioning tend to be overwhelmingly MALE and overwhelmingly WHITE.

A man transitioning to a woman and co-oping women’s spaces has an ADVERSE impact on black women and women in general. No sane woman, who is socially aware, is going to advocate for full grown men with the physique to match using the same bathrooms as her daughters and women in general.  And as much as people want to kid themselves and declare these MEN women….they never will be the real thing.

Then there is the issue of black women rallying for black men who hate them. Yes, you read that right. The stupidity doesn’t stop with protesting for whites, transgenders, and Hispanics. There are black women who will jump up and protest for black men who shit on black women and black people in general. Take that Stephon Clark asshole for example.

Stephon Clark was unapologetically anti-black and anti-black woman. This man was a CAREER CRIMINAL who pimped women, broke into people’s houses etc. Guess who was out there on the frontlines for him….black women. In case you missed it, here are his tweets…

Why didn’t black women tell this nigga’s family to get his black Xbox to protest on his behalf???

I can only imagine how foolish black women who rallied for this dude felt. Some probably didn’t even care. It seems to me as long as the person has black skin and is MALE he gets the support of black women. It doesn’t matter if the black man is a convicted felon, community terrorist, deadbeat father, etc. If he is BLACK you can count on black women to be on the frontlines.


Sexism and racism, both within and outside the black community, is so bad that black women had to create a SEPARATE movement (#SayHerName) from the movement black women created (#BlackLivesMatter) because certain black people (mainly black men) can’t see the humanity of black women or feel for black women…


When do other groups ever come to the aid of black women? When have whites, Hispanics, transgenders, the gay community, black men etc ever created a hashtag to support the lives of black women???

When black women have been hurt, beat, harmed the main people I see protesting, demonstrating and voicing any concern are BLACK WOMEN. Black feminist are usually out here going hard for black women, but ironically this is also one of the most hated groups in the black community…by black men and black women alike!

I don’t see white gays, transgenders, white women, Hispanics or even black men going hard for black women the way black women go for these groups. It never happens. Hell, I’ve even seen black women throw other black women under the bus who have been wronged by the police. “Well, she shouldn’t have been smoking that cigarette!” as if this is justification for someone to die.

Black women need to do better and get hip to reality. It is alarming to me how quick black women come to the defense of people who don’t do anything for us.

Black lesbians are in a peculiar position.

We are black. We are gay. We are women.

If we are honest the gay community doesn’t give a damn about us. White women don’t give a shit about us. Black men, for the most part, have shown they don’t give a shit about us. STOP giving your time, commitment, and attention to these groups.