This is a heads up about some of the cool new features I added to my blog. The new features are to make the blog more interactive and to engage you, the readers.

You may have noticed I added a “Rate This Post” option at the end of my blogs. I used a picture of Michael Jackson from Thriller as the emoji for this widget. It looks like this…

Michael Jackson

It’s the same as giving me 1-5 stars for a post with 1 being poor and 5 being outstanding.

You can view the video below to see how it works.


If you’re on your phone you can click on the individual MJ’s to rate my post…

Push Phone

Next cool feature….

You can now sign up for push notifications to this blog. This means when I post a new blog post you can immediately get notification. Right now this only applies to web browsers that are viewed on a computer or chromebook. As of right now this doesn’t apply to cell phones and tablets. This is a work in progress.

You can get push notifications two ways. You can click on the BELL icon that is located in the bottom left corner of my blog. It looks like this….Push Notifications

Once you hit the bell you will receive this pop up at the top of your browser near the URL…


Just click “Allow notifications” you’re all set. When I post a new blog post you’ll instantly get a notification.

The other way you can sign up for push notifications is by clearing your browser cookies. This is not necessary if you’re a first time visitor because you don’t have any cookies storied from my blog. You should see this automatic pop up if you’re a first time visitor or if you’ve cleared your cookies…

Push Two

Just click “Allow.” Again you will get a message that looks like this….

Click “Allow Notifications.” Then you’re done!

I’m stepping my blog game up!

Enjoy the new features.