I’m home today due to a sinus issue. It’s just as well because I got some serious shit to say to some of you crazy ass women. It’s been said before and I guess I’ll have to say it again….

Sapphire is here to stay.

I don’t know why so many have an issue with her. Out of all the women I’ve written about on this blog she’s been the warmest and most genuine. She’s treated me the best. I don’t know why this doesn’t sit right with some people, but it is the TRUTH. If you don’t believe me just go through the archives of this blog and my old blog and read for yourself.

Yellow Bone turned down my marriage proposal twice and she liked to stay in the streets.

Chocolate, though I did her wrong, decided to disappear from my life.

The chick I liked in Las Vegas decided to disappear.

Two exes turned out to be bisexual and ended up getting knocked up by men.

The rest have been booty calls, jump offs, situationships or ended in disappointment because they were confused and uncomfortable with their sexual orientation.


Sapphire has hands down been the most consistent woman in my life. She should not be hated for that nor should she be hated for being white. I mean damn! WHERE WERE ALL THE BLACK LESBIANS OF QUALITY WHEN I WAS BITCHING AND COMPLAINING ABOUT THE LACK OF QUALITY HERE IN ATLANTA IN MY TWENTIES????

I’m older now. The desire to settle down is there. I don’t want to be a bachelorette forever. I’m done wasting my time on women who don’t share my desire for a family.

I don’t care how some of you feel about Sapphire or me or me being with her. I just wish you would keep the bullshit to yourselves. I decided to write a love letter to the woman I love (one that I haven’t even given to her yet) and some of you got in your feelings. So I decided to confess my feelings to a woman and you felt left out?!?

Does this not sound CRAZY as fuck to you?

If this blog has gotten you to the point where you find yourself liking or crushing on me (despite having never met me) it’s time to step away. If you find yourself feeling some type of way because I love a woman who happens to be white it’s time to step away. If you find yourself visiting this blog multiple times a day (not including new readers who are reading the archives) it’s time to step away.

Whatever you fantasize about, or whatever you wish would happen between me and you, just know it’s NEVER going to happen.

This is why I’ve protected my privacy and kept a safe/polite distance from the readers of this blog over the years. Some people take it too far. They live vicariously through me and the things I write about on this blog. And it’s the young and the old alike. I mean women old enough to be my mother. It’s creepy as hell.

I can understand part of this because we all want to see some form of representation of ourselves. We all want to be validated to some extent and made to feel like we belong through others who LOOK like us and who share many of our struggles, opinions, feelings, and experiences.

I get it.

But it should never get to the point where I’m getting Facebook messages and emails that are hateful, angry, and resentful because of a woman I like….or because you like me and I can’t return your feelings!

It’s not right to put me in a box and expect me to live my life a certain way. That’s not the way the world works. No matter how you feel (or think you feel) I’m never going to live my life for you.

So I’m asking some of you to seriously self-reflect and STOP letting my life get you in your feelings. It should never get to this point. I am a stranger to you for the most part. Learn to love yourselves and stop looking for validation from me.