I’ve noticed something very strange. For the last couple of days I’ve been updating my blog. I’ve added some images, moved some things around, added some share buttons, redirected some dead links, and I’ve created a new sitemap for Google, Bing, etc.

My goal is to make the blog more user friendly and to attract more SEO traffic. Frequently I Google my blog to see my blog ranking using terms like “Black Lesbian Blog” and “Diary of a Black Lesbian.”

In the course of doing this research, I noticed there are now other black lesbian bloggers. This is a good thing because when I first started this blog I was the only one out here (as far as I could tell). I remember doing a Google search for black lesbian blogs before I started this blog and coming up empty. So, it’s nice to see others in the game.

I noticed some bloggers have created other variations of “Diary of a Black Lesbian” and then I noticed a particular Facebook page is calling itself “Diary of a Black Lesbian.” Keep in mind I have been around longer than any of these folks and the blog name, as far as I’m concerned, belongs to me. The smartest thing I ever did is snatch up the domain name. I probably need to think about some type of trademarking or copyrighting of the name….as I have built a small brand around it.

I even took time out to check out some of the blogs I ran across in my Google search. That’s when I noticed something strange. Some of these other black lesbian bloggers…one in particular…have hijacked my steez. Yes, I’m dead serious. Even her “about me” reads something like mine.

I’m happy to see other black lesbian bloggers, but why the fuck can’t these chicks be their own person?

I’ve never tried to be anyone or anything on this blog other than myself. I’ve never catered my platform to fit anyone but myself. The things I write on here I write unapologetically. I’m not trying to please or mimic anyone.

There are people who have said I helped them accept their sexual orientation. There are people who flat out hate me, but for whatever reason they continue reading this blog like obsessed stalkers. There are people who simply want to fuck me.

I accept all of the above as things that come with the platform.

They say imitation is flattery. Well, I’m not flattered.

Over the years I’ve received Facebook messages and emails from other black lesbian bloggers who have asked me to give them a shout-out in order to build an audience for their platforms. I have ignored all them. Why? Because I feel they, like I, should stand on their own two.

One woman even had the nerve to message me during my short-lived retirement and basically say, “Bitch, give me a shout-out. You’re retired anyway.”

I mean the nerve…

Blogging is easy. It just takes time and effort. If you’re going to do it you need to be true to yourself and have your own voice. Don’t look for someone to hold your hand or put you on. Your blog and platform will be what you make it.