Black women and abortion (two subjects that seem to become one when the topic of abortion comes up…more on this later) are a hot button issue right now. Why? Because Trump is getting his choice of a new supreme court justice, and the one that he picked is pro-life.

So, why do black women become the center of attention when this topic comes up? Because of this shameful reality…

black deaths

Abortion is one of those topics that I can honestly say for a long time was neither here nor there for me. It’s not something that directly impacts me, and therefore I never gave it much thought. I was for the most part pro-choice. If a woman wanted to kill off her child it wasn’t my problem or issue.

Needless to say, as I find myself aging and thinking about the reality that I may never have biological children of my own, my opinion on this topic is changing. I am quickly becoming pro-life.

Before I begin, let me issue a disclaimer. My thoughts and feelings on abortion do not include women who have been the victims of rape/sexual violence. I do not believe a woman who was forced to have sex, and who later finds herself pregnant with the child of her rapist should be judged, ridiculed, or condemned by society for having an abortion. If rape victims decide to have an abortion I fully support it. I don’t blame any woman who cannot bring herself to carry an unwanted product of rape….even if adoption is an option. Again, this blog post is not about rape victims.

This blog is about non-rape victims…who are the vast majority of the black women having abortions…

A few years ago I remember reading a news article in which track star, Sonya Richards-Ross, was promoting her autobiography. In the book she admitted she had an abortion before the 2008 Olympics. Why? Because she wanted to chase a gold medal. Yes, you read that right.

Sonya was neither broke nor in jeopardy of raising a child alone. She was engaged at the time to the man who would later become her husband, NFL player, Aaron Ross. She didn’t have any health issues that would prevent her from carrying a healthy child. She wasn’t living in some slum housing project somewhere with several children. She doesn’t fit the profile of the average black woman who has had an abortion.

Still, in my mind, you have to be a cold-hearted bitch to abort your child for a worthless piece of metal. An Olympic medal doesn’t carry any significant value. There is no monetary award for winning one. There is no guarantee of future endorsements. Depending on your performance, you get to see your name in a record book, and after a few years (and sometimes months) people forget about you and move on to the next generational favorite.

Do any of you hear people talking about Sonya Richards-Ross and her gold medal?


The fact that this woman killed off her child for a freaking gold medal sickened me. I’m not a religious person, but I do think there is a special place in hell for her.

And these are the folks I have a problem with in this abortion debate.

Quite a few of the black women I know have had abortions. Most killed off their children simply because they didn’t want any kids at that moment. They were in their early twenties, broke, unmarried, and struggling. Some have had multiple abortions. None could give me an explanation as to why they never bothered to use any type of birth control (and yes, they admitted to not using any).

Isn’t this the story we keep hearing?

Black women, who simply throw precautions to the wind, let Tyrone in between their legs though this dude is broke, poor, unemployed, dusty, barely making himself, and has no interest in marriage. Next thing she knows she’s pregnant and Tyrone is either ghost or telling her to get an abortion. If she keeps the child she is pretty much on her on and she falls back on that other Plan B….the state/taxpayers.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing this story. It’s a completely preventative situation.

If we are to believe the saying, “My body….my choice” then I feel society should have every right to say, “Ok…Your problem.”

If society doesn’t have a right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body (and outside of this issue I fully agree) as it relates to abortion then on the flip side of this society should not be held responsible for supporting all the unplanned and unwanted children who weren’t aborted by parents who weren’t shit….after all those parents had a choice right?

But…but….you cannot punish the kids! Hmm….seems this argument should be directed to their parents who are choosing to either abort them or bring them into this world without a nuclear family structure, money, or basic necessities. Surely, they are punishing their own kids. They carelessly decided to ignore all the means to prevent unwanted/unplanned children. They decided not to have an abortion.

We, the people, should not be forced to support other people’s mistakes (and yes, these children are mistakes) and poor choices….nor should we give a blind thumps up to women who use abortion as birth control.