Sapphire is going to be my wife. I’m more convinced of that now than ever before. Our relationship has taken a turn, and it seems we’re both ready to take some necessary steps to grow with each other in a positive direction…

Yesterday, Sapphire made an unannounced visit to my house. With the exception of a few text messages we haven’t spoken in weeks. Prior to her visit, I asked her to marry me and she gave me a flat, “No.” She then proceeded to push me away with “I don’t think I’m what you want. ”

I never did get around to giving her the love letter I wrote, but she was always on my mind.

I was surprised by her visit and completely unprepared for it. I was in the midst of cleaning my house and I looked like shit. I mean I was sweating and everything.

Sapphire is really good about calling or texting before coming over. In fact, this is the first time I can remember her coming to my house unannounced. So, I figured it must have been something important.

She appeared to be upset about something. I walked her to the living room and asked her to give me a couple of minutes to shower and clean myself up. She nodded her head. As I walked up to the third level to my bedroom I glanced over my shoulder at Sapphire. She looked away.

I hurried upstairs, showered, and slipped on a t-shirt and some shorts. When I came back downstairs Sapphire was staring at me.

Me: “What’s up? Why are you upset?”

Sapphire: “I’m not upset.”

Me: “You could have fooled me. You don’t ever come by without calling first. Something is up.”

I walked over and sat down beside her on the sofa.

Sapphire: “I wanted to see you.”

Me: “Okay…”

The room fell dead silent for a while and Sapphire started staring off at the woods through the sliding patio door in my kitchen. I stared at her for a second perplexed by her mood before finally saying, “Bae what’s up? You’re starting to spook me. What’s wrong?”

Sapphire let out a long sigh before pouring out her heart to me. She told me how much she loved me and how much she missed me. Sapphire told me she wanted me in her life, and that she’d been thinking about me. She said even though she said no to my marriage proposal she didn’t feel the time was right. So while she had in fact said no….she didn’t mean there was no possibility in the future.

I imagine the biggest grin must have spread across my face.

I don’t think she will ever know how much her words meant to me. In turn, I told her how I felt and how I was prepared to put her first….above all others. I told her I’m dedicated to her and us. I told her I’ve let my feelings about being in an interracial relationship go and I’m prepared to just focus on being happy….with her….hopefully for the rest of my life.

Well, I’m sure you can guess what came next.

The sex was some of the best we’ve ever had. I think we rocked each other’s world. When all was said and done we laid happily beside each other and that’s when we agreed Sapphire will move in with me.

This is a huge step for me. I have never lived with a woman before, and normally I don’t agree with cohabitation before marriage, but as you should already know I’m lonely as hell in this big ass house. If Sapphire is here with me I won’t sell the place and it might even start to feel like a real home to me…instead of an oversized mini-mansion.

I’m actually excited about her living with me. It will be nice to have someone in bed next me, when I come home from work, and when I need a shoulder to lean on for support. It will be nice to cater to a woman full-time.

Sapphire owns a loft near downtown Atlanta and it’s paid for. She bought it during the height of the recession for a good ass price. It has tripled in value. However, we don’t plan to sell it. Instead, we’re going to rent it out.

We ended spending yesterday in bed talking and planning for the future. When I woke up this morning I made her pancakes, scrabbled eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast. While we were eating I handed her a copy of a world map.

Sapphire: “What’s this?”

Me: “It’s a map.”

Sapphire (smiling): “I know that silly!”

Me: “It’s a gift. I want you to pick out any place in the world….and we’re going. It’s on me.”

Sapphire smiled wider and gave me a big hug.

It may not be a wedding or an engagement ring, but it’s a start. I’m happy and I’m getting a roommate. Hopefully, it’s forever…