My new life started today. Sapphire is officially my new roommate, and with her comes new dreams for the future. She’s asleep right now beside me in bed…exhausted from the move. I couldn’t be happier to have her by my side….hopefully for the rest of my life.

Yesterday, I went out and bought all of her favorite foods and filled the refrigerator with them. I also bought a large bouquet of roses for her. I want her to feel at home. So, I figure small things like favorite foods and roses might go a long way.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Even though I hoped to take her to the park we will likely stay in and unpack the remainder of her things. The good news is there is plenty of room in the house for her stuff. I didn’t have to adjust anything because the house was already too big for just me.

I told Sapphire that she is free to make whatever changes she wants to the house. This is another effort to make her feel at home. Keep in mind she is an interior designer and that’s right up her alley. I can get the benefit of a tastefully decorated home with this deal.

That’s not to say my taste is questionable, but I’m not kidding myself. Outside of my woman cave/library, painting and fixture upgrades, I really haven’t given home decor a whole lot of thought or energy. Frankly, the place could use a woman’s touch.

On another note, I might have stumbled onto my future hustle…

Last Monday I listed several typewriters and word processors for sell on Ebay. Within a week I’ve made $2500. Yes, you read that right. Had I know it was this easy to make money off Ebay selling old stuff I would have done it years ago. Now I’m looking around the house and pricing all the books, gadgets, and devices I no longer want.

The future looks bright!