What is it about Sapphire that bugs some of you? I really want to know, and I’ve created an anonymous one question survey for you to tell me. 

It seems to me some people who read this blog would far rather see me lonely, miserable, unhappy, or jumping from woman to woman than in a loving committed relationship with a woman, who happens to be white. Despite myself this bothers me because I don’t want to be rejected by black women for loving a white woman. I don’t want to be rejected by my community (again, black women).

I wish I could say “Fuck it….I don’t care,” but the truth is….I do care.

I love black women. I love black lesbians. I love being a black lesbian. And yes, I know some of my rants about some of the shit I see here in Atlanta from black women have been brutal, but black women were always my preference. Even when I was frustrated as hell I pictured my ideal woman as a big booty, slim waist, afro rocking black woman.

Well, it seems fate had other plans. The one who has always been good, kind, honest, and committed to me is a blue-eyed white woman from Canada. With that said, I’m not going to apologize for finding a woman who is down for me and disregarding race for the sake of my personal happiness.

Life is too damn short. I never intended to be single forever. I’m sure those of you who have followed this blog for years knew I would eventually settle down and commit myself to one woman. Eventually I’m going to have kids. Things don’t stay the same forever. We grow up!

This has been the end goal for me since I was in my early twenties. I never liked dating, playing the field, or sleeping around. Had I met a nice stable black woman in my early twenties I likely would be married to her today.

Whatever issues Sapphire and I have had 98% of them have been my fault. For a long time I couldn’t look past race. I was uncomfortable being in an interracial relationship and because of the things I experienced from whites as a young black girl in the deep south I had a hard time looking past her race and seeing the beautiful woman in front of me.

Those days are over.

I’m determined to be happy.

How do I know some of you have an issue with Sapphire and/or my relationship with her?

Well, first I do pay attention to your emails…even if I don’t always respond. Secondly, I pay attention to the ratings I receive on my “rate this post” feature. There is one lady who repeatedly gives my post about Sapphire 1 or 2 stars. I keep asking myself WHY??

So, to satisfy my curiosity I have created an anonymous survey. Again, it’s one question and it’s anonymous. Even if you don’t have an opinion about Sapphire, or our relationship, I would like to know why you think some people have reacted to my relationship with her so negatively.

The survey is located below. I look forward to your responses.