Well, I said transgender people are mentally ill. I stand by that more now than ever. Take a look at the rant above that was posted on Facebook by a transgender nutcase. This individual made a whole rant attacking “cis” black women. Click on the image to read his full rant. Consider this post my response…

There is nothing more infuriating than hearing a man talk about the so-called privilege of the most economically and socially oppressed race of women in this country. Black women lead the way in domestic violence, sexual abuse, poverty, female incarceration, infant mortality, institutional racism, obesity and heart disease etc etc etc….yet this individual seems to think we are a privileged group over him because he decided to slap on a wig, get his dick cut off,  and call himself a woman.

His so-called oppression is of his own doing. After all, did he not give up a more privileged position as a black man to be a social pariah?  That was his CHOICE. He wasn’t born this way. How the hell do you as a man TRY to co-op the existence of an oppressed group of women and then complain about oppression? I mean hell…you signed up for the struggle.

Black men on average make more money than black women. They have a higher net worth than black women. Black men (normally) don’t have to worry about sexual abuse or rape. Black men are not dying while giving birth to children. And while black men do cope with issues of poverty and incarceration they don’t typically have to cope with these issues with children in tow the way that black women do.

This motherfucker gave up his privilege when he made a CHOICE to snip off his dick and now he has the nerve to come for “cis” black women whose so-called transphobia is a reaction to our spaces being invaded by mentally ill men like himself.

It is the same reaction black women had when that Rachel Dolezal chick, who is white, decided to try to co-op an identity as a black woman…


You don’t get to hijack our identity, define our identity, or redefine our identity because your ass is confused!

The only people who can and should define black womanhood are BLACK WOMEN. The only people who have a right to carve out black womanhood are BLACK WOMEN. Men, transgenders, whites, gays etc have no say so whatsoever.

The dominant group, black women, also have a right to refuse acceptance of men, transgenders, whites, gays etc into our group.

I’m not a “cis” black woman. I’m a black woman period. “Cis” is another term created by men in an effort to carve out and co-op other groups’ identities.

A six foot Rupaul looking man will NEVER EVER have to worry about being raped unless it’s in prison, at gunpoint/knife point, or he’s gang raped.

A five foot four woman (the average height of American women) will always have to take precaution when going certain places, moving in certain circles, and generally when in the company of men.

Men don’t normally fear women. There is no fear of women snatching, raping, beating, robbing men.

Women constantly take precautions when around men. From the time a girl gets her period (and possibly even before this time) and physically develops we learn how to cautiously navigate the world of men and the male gaze. I doubt a boy who grows into a man who decides to transition to a woman shares this experience. He has not lived this experience.

There is no way in hell this man is going to convince me that if the situation presented itself he wouldn’t have a better chance of fighting off a rapist or attack than the average American woman.

If this man wants to argue that he is confronted with violence from men after they find out he was born a man I would ask him if he discloses this upfront as he should.

I’m sorry, but men (and women) should know and be given the right to refuse relations with transgender people. If this is not disclosed it should be treated like a crime the same way we treat people who fail to disclose their HIV status.

Most men cannot wrap their minds around having sex with another man…even one who presents himself as a woman. I’m not saying they deserve to be attacked, raped, etc I’m saying they have a social and moral obligation to give people the WHOLE picture of themselves instead of the one they want to paint for themselves.

“Transwomen womahood” is artificial womanhood. It’s fictional womanhood created by men. You cannot surgically create a gender and you definitely cannot co-op the experiences, histories, and existence of a race and gender. Nor can you redefine the experiences, histories, and existence of a race and gender.  The world does work that way.